Sep 27

Healing hands and more


Tonight I’m super tired, so here’s a list of the random thoughts that are floating around in my head…

  • This morning I went to my chiropractor – have I mentioned how much I adore my chiropractor?  He’s terrific.  I hadn’t seen him in a while, and as he was digging his thumb unmercifully into …

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  • Sep 26

    Being true to me


    This afternoon I got an email that kinda blew my mind and once again had me reconsidering how I think about myself.

    First, a little background…

    For the last couple of years, I’ve been studying the process of becoming a teacher and leader in the personal development field. I’ve written before about the conflict I’ve …

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    Sep 25

    Miracle in motion

    Even when he doesn t get something right the first time, he keeps on trying.

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    When I put out the call for guest miracles, I love that grandmothers show up talking about their grandchildren.

    Remember this beautiful grandmother’s tale?  What could be sweeter?

    Here’s another one:

    I am a grandmother co-raising my two grandchildren. The opportunity to experience the world through the eyes of a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old is …

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    Sep 23

    The Miracle Journal video project


    Hey Miracle Watchers!

    Today I set out on a new adventure. My dear friend Dan Mitchell (who you may remember from the post Momentary Times) agreed to help me out for the day to get it off the ground.

    The concept is that I ask people to talk to me on camera about the things …

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    Sep 19

    Do the hard thing FIRST

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    She let out a soft sigh; her eyes glazed over. Celeste pointed a long finger at Elsa s sleeping form.
  • April s Food Day of all days, Ryan dryly replied. He knew that if he wanted to pursue her, he would have to move quickly, for Valear might interfere.
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  • He smiled, I will let you have her, Jason, but not now. Lord Epping stepped away from her, abandoning her to the altar as from behind them, Frederick Cuthbert led Margaret in step toward the archbishop.
  • It was in the way she walked, talked and just her whole demeanor. Our race would be discovered and destroyed because of you.
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    He talked Richie into staying in his home Friday night so Richie could take him into town on Saturday. Superpowers or no, she could do nothing but submit when the heat took over.
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  • Plopping it on her head, she shook a finger at Megan. When Carmen broke up with him to marry Preston, he became aware that he and Elizabeth had something in common.
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  • Linda finished, but just give us this one night and please try to enjoy yourself. His hand reached out and boldly touched her cheek then slid off her chin.
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    When he settled his mouth against hers, his hand yet moving, the pressure of his palm and fingers firm and deliberate, she clutched at his shoulders, her voice escaping her in a soft, breathless moan. When he is gone to prison, take Kenley for your lover.
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    At some point when I was in college, I came up with the mantra, “Do the hard thing FIRST!” I put it up on signs, which solicited many giggles – we were all frisky teenagers, after all. 

    For me it was never about tackling the hardest project first. Rather, it was about making the …

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    Sep 17

    Miraculous Jewelry


    This vacation in Maine was one of the best I’ve ever had. There are a bunch of reasons for that, but one of the biggest is… MONEY!

    I’ve been on various kinds of vacations in the past:

    • the ones where someone else was paying and I was stressed out about how much money they …

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    Sep 16

    The Miracle of Maine


    I’m still settling back in after a week away, so I thought I’d grab the last few moments to share the beauty and joy where I’ve spent the last week.

    At the top is a short video of the place I was.  Below is a little photo essay from my time away.


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    Sep 13

    Totally inspired


    Hey everybody!  Today was a big day for several reasons in Miracle Journal-land.  Get ready for a lot of smiley faces in this post…I guess my smile really IS coming back!

    First, I was featured on a very popular website called Inspire Me Today – they feature one “Luminary” on their front page each day, …

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